Teenager with Pain After Knee Surgery

Patient: I am in the 9th grade and i had knee surgery ladt year- i broke my leg and tore my minescus. I dont remember the name of the surgery but i do know that there is now a nail somewhere in my knee. This year i tried out for my high school basketball team and made it. My basketball coach is a also a physical therapist, so she noticed the brace i was wearing, checked out my knee and told me i should go back to see the orthopedic surgeon. After she finally convinced me to go, he told me I couldn’t play, and that i had to wait a few more months for it to heal. So all i really want to know is why isnt my knee better yet, what is taking so long for it to get better, and what can i do to speed up the healing process? Another thing is i had to get an MRArthrogram of my knee to see if they could find that problem, the next day my knee was bleeding black from the place where they injected the dye, is this bad? Should i be worried?

Doctor: the healing time is different for each patient in particular, and depends on the severity of the initial injury, treat tment modality and other factors, also It is not uncommon seeing associated along with the menisci injury , a ligament lesion that adds instability to the knee joint, on the other hand you may need additional physical therapy and rehabilitation time to strengthening the surrounding muscles and this will help the healing process. I strongly recommend that you get an evaluation by a physiatrist and work together on a good rehabilitation program for your knee. Regarding the leaking by the puncture site, most likely is the same contrast mixed with blood, try to keep the area clean and covered, but if you notice that the leaking gets worse or you have redness, swelling or pain you have to go immediately to the doctor.