Teenager worried about Bodybuilding and gynecomastia

Patient: Hello doctor i need some advice. I am training to become a bodybuilder at 17 years of age. at the moment im in my cutting cycle where i loose the fat from my previous bulk, but my main concern was my nipples. I have been told by the doctor that i indeed have pubertal Gynecomastia. I have had a blood test and all my hormones where fine the doctor had told me. but my main concern is that in this type of sport i cant have Gynecomastia as the sport depends on the physique of the bodybuilder on top of that i cant stand the sight of it. i cant take my shirt off without seeing my nipples protrude from my pecs. what can i do? at the moment i am supplementing zinc as i have recently heard that it may increase testosterone, and i dont have enough money to have surgery unless insurance covers the cost please help.

Doctor: Gynecomastia is usually secondary to the normal hormonal imbalances between testosterone and estrogen that commonly occ curs during puberty () and it may affect up to 40% of adolescent boys during puberty, usually by the age of 14. Several research studies reveal that mild gynecomastia regresses entirely in all patients, while moderate in only 20% after a 3 year duration. In contrast, severe gynecomastia which usually persists requires cosmetic surgery in a large proportion of patients (40%).  This condition usually is benign and your Pediatrician should reassure you that this is normal and in most cases should disappear within a few months or years without treatment. This is particularly true in your case because you already got hormonal levels results within normal limits. As long as you keep a good training, healthy diet and away from the anabolic steroids or hormonal enhancers you will be ok.