Temporary lip bump

Patient: For the past three days, I have gotten a itchy bump on my top lip. I immediately know when it’s coming in because it itches and feels warm. It usually only lasts 20 or 30 minutes and goes away. It has come back 3 or 4 times since the first time, and it has been several hours between flare ups. What is it and can I prevent it from coming back?

Symptoms: itchy bump, warm

Doctor: You seem to be suffering from Angioedema. This is a type of allergic manifestation most commonly observed with food or d rug allergy. However, it is not uncommon in children with worm infestation. You may consult your doctor for advise regarding deworming, as a first step. Further, try to maintain a personal diary, where details pertaining to food items or medication consumed at least 12hrs. prior to the appearance of the itchy swelling may be noted. You are likely to find a common link after 2-3 such episodes. Carry this information to your Allergy doctor for further analysis and evaluation. Such episodes may be managed by anti-histaminic therapy on ‘as and when required’ basis. But, it is very important to identify the possible cause, to avoid severe systemic reaction (anaphylaxis) sometime later. Your Allergy doctor would be able to help you with this.