Ten Years of Swelling and Chronic Pain

Patient: My mother has been experiencing chronic pain, swelling, and severe instability in her right ankle for 10 years! She has had numerous MRI’s and x-rays that never seem to show that she has had any trauma to the ankle at all. There are some days that the pain is so severe that she cannot walk from room to room. She has been examined by orthopedics and regular MD doctors. Some have even gone as far as telling her that the pain is all in her head. Due to her not being able to walk and being in constant pain, she has not been able to keep a job. Therefore, she now does not have insurance, and she even slips in and out of depression regularly. Our immediate family has witnessed the swelling, pain, and tears of this injury but it seems that no doctor is willing to take the time to really see what is wrong. One doctor told her that he could clip the nerve but she would walk like she wears a boot the rest of her life. Are we missing something? What kind of specialist will point us in the right direction? Please Help.