Tender and Dry Nipples during Pregnancy

Patient: I am 26 weeks pregnant now, and i have been having really However today my client who i work for was upset with me and twisted my nipple and now it is having increased discharge and bleeding from it. I tried to put a cold compress on it but it just seems to make it worse. What do I do?

Doctor: Nipple tenderness is a common symptom of early and – unfortunately so is nipple dryness.  It is not uncommon to experien nce dry and cracked nipples during pregnancy.  In extreme cases, women report difficulty showering because of the sensitivity.From a medical stand point, there is not much doctor’s can do.  There are plenty of over the counter pregnancy nipple creams that attempt to bring relief to this condition.  Speak to your pharmacist to see what is available in your area.  Most creams are effective when used multiple times a day.  One cream that I have has success with when recommended to patients is Lansinoh.In the interim, make sure you nipples are clean and dry to prevent an infection from taking place.  Regular soap and water is often enough.Good luck