Tender knot three years after c section

Patient: I have a small knot right above my c section scar. its tender to the touch even tender when I bend and move in certain ways. its been almost three years since my c section. could this be scar tissue or something I should worry about?

Symptoms: Knot, c section, pain, tenderness

Doctor: Hello,Thanks fro the query to ATD,If you have been experiencing a tender knot over the lateral side at the corner and just above the c-section scar, then it is likely to be a old scar tissue of rectus muscle suturing knot . Generally a delayed absorbent suture is used for closure of rectus mucle and the knots are buried during the c-section. It may have been possible in your case that the knot may not have been buried and would have formed a scar tissue around it , being perceived over skin as a palpable lump and may cause pain sometimes.It is suggested that you visit your physician for a local examination and a x-ray abdomen to rule out or confirm the likelihood. I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards