Tension and depression for no reason

Patient: I am a 34 years old woman from India. I have been working in IT industry for more than 10 years. Earlier I was very confident,proud about my work and job. But now it seems I am developing negative confidence, building tensions every few seconds, will cry out of tension,will blame myself for why I am still doing IT job but later cools down thinking I like IT job and I need to work. My personal life has become hell due to this tension. I used to be proud but now I am afraid. I have recently joined a new job which has offered me position above my expectation. I am very worried if i can keep up to this new position, I am always in tension. I love my kind of job but getting worried and tension every time thinking if I can meet my manager’s expectation, If i can work going beyond my level and work.All my peers are enjoying their job and personal life. I have also messed up my sexual life with no interest in sex. I am not able to. Please help!

Doctor: Your description fits well with Depression which is characterized by anxiety, tension, sad feelings, hopelessness and wo rthlessness. It can affect your appetite, weight, sexual interest, work and family life. Though this could be self-remitting in some, but if not treated can become chronic and disabling. Please visit your family doctor for examination, review and help. You can also consider seeking help from the psychiatrist.