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Terrible headaches, Possible aneurysm or hematoma?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I hit my head very, VERY hard about a year ago. I was able to drive a car not long after the incident, had no fluid leaking from ears, no raccoon eyes, just an AWFUL headache with a bump. The past year, I have had off and on headaches in that spot, and I have a huge bump, and what feels like a dent in my skull. There is something mushy under my skin just below that bump, below the temple. A nurse friend of mine felt it, and said it's very possible that's an aneurysm and I should be going to the hospital. Other than that headache, I feel OK, so I didn't see it as an emergency. I also should mention I have hydrocephalus (no VP shunt). I am uninsured and don't really know what to do. Could this be serious and I am ignoring a warning sign? I am kind of worried, as I have two small children to look after.


Your chronic headaches could be due a post concussion syndrome or the hydrocephalus itself. It is important for you to consult your doctor/neurologist to rule out any underlying complication. Post-concussion syndrome may present with headaches and dizziness and may last for weeks and sometimes months after the injury that caused the concussion. It is also not uncommon for people with hydrocephalus to experience headaches. Headaches in hydrocephalus may be due to intermittent proximal shunt obstruction, low shunt pressure and associated migraine.

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