Terrible pregnancy acne getting worse

Patient: I developed a very mild case of adult acne about 6 months prior to getting pregnant. I never had a problem with acne before, but was not particularly concerned because it was pretty light and limited to one small area on my face. I am now 4 months pregnant and the acne has gotten exponentially worse. I asked my OB what I could do for it and she said just use benzoyl peroxide because it is the safest treatment and quote “there is nothing else to really do for it.” I had been using it my entire pregnancy prior to seeing her last month and continue to do so, but it is not working at all! The acne keeps spreading across my face and is extremely painful and irritated and it is causing me to experience anxiety. Is there really no other treatment for this that I could ask her about? Of course, I don’t want to endanger my child, but I sort of feel like unless I am very specific with her, she will just keep blowing me off.

Symptoms: Pregnancy acne, painful pustules