Test to Check if Vasectomy has Worked

Patient: I had a vasectomy roughly 2 years ago. I didn’t finish the final step by going back in to have my sperm count tested. I waited awhile before I had sex again with my wife at the time. She didn’t get pregnant at all. Since then I have split from my wife and have had sex once, I am a “worry wart” kind of person. Is there a reason for me to worry?

Doctor: The incidence of vasectomy failure is estimated between .5% and 1% and varies with the skill and experience of the docto r and with the approach used to block the tubes. It is for this reason that testing semen samples is essential. If you are concerned about failure of the procedure, there are several home test kits available to confirm whether vasectomy has worked. You may need to ask your local pharmacist, take care.