Testicle Pain

Patient: Hello. I am 18 and my left testicle has always been noticeably smaller than my right and my right one hangs lower. I had a hydrocele about 3 months ago. For the past 4 or 5 days, I  have been having pain in my left, smaller testicle. Is there anyway I have another hydrocele or is it not common to get them that close in time and probably something more serious?

Doctor: Testicular pain is always a worrying symptom, especially in a young man such as yourself. Hydroceles are generally not p ainful unless they become very large. You have not mentioned how your hydrocele was treated. If you had surgery, then it is unlikely that the hydrocele has recurred. However, if the hydrocele was aspirated (minor procedure in which the fluid within the hydrocele is removed) then it could have recurred in a short time. Hydroceles are often associated with groin hernias which may sometimes cause pain in the groin and testicles. Another possible explanation for your testicular pain is a condition known as Testicular Torsion. In this condition the blood supply to testicle has been interrupted resulting in damage to the testicle as well as pain. The condition is usually a surgical emergency but occasionally resolves on its own. Another common cause of testicular pain is an infection. An ultrasound of the testicle will differentiate between all these conditions and identify the cause of your pain, after which the appropriate therapy can be initiated.