Testicles hurtIng

Patient: Testicles hurtIng

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query albeit very short but without much information related to the following points:-Since when are the testicles hurting?- Severity, onset, duration, nature of pain, reference to ?- Any associated fever or pain in the lower abdomen?- Any symptoms related to the Urinary tract?- Any history of trauma?All these questions are self-explanatory.If both the testicles are hurting the commonest cause is infection called epididymo-Orchitis.I would advise you the following:- Urine Culture and sensitivity before the start of the antibiotic; routine and microscopic tests- Blood for CBC, Sugar, Kidney functions.- Ultrasonography and color doppler examination.- an opinion of a Urologist.Get started on a course of an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicines.Take plenty of water orally.Scrotal support.And follow the instructions as advised by your Urologist.