Testicular and lower abdomen pain

Patient: For the past few months I have had chronic low grade pain in testicles, groin area and lower right abdomen. I have a history of chronic prostatitis, and previous ultrasounds revealed granuloma and a couple of cysts. More recently pain has increased, it stings when i pass urine. I also felt a free floating pea size lump on or near bottom of right testicle.

Symptoms: Pain in right testicle, groin and lower right hand quadrant of stomach. Free floating Pea size lump on or near bottom of right testicle.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to asktehdoctor.comIt appears from the history with presence of right testicular and gr oin pain with a plapable lump at the base of testis indicates infection of Epididymis called Epididymitis .Also presence of stinging sensation while urination indicates a urinary tract infection as well, which may be primary or secondary to the epididymitis. The free floating pea sized lump you are concerned about if the epididymal cyst which has formed secondary to inflammation .It is suggested that you may visit your physician for a local clinical examination and urethral swab for culture along with urine routine/microscopy/culture to isolate the causative bacterial organism , which assist in diagnoses and then the treatment can be directed accordingly .You may have to be started on a course of antibiotics for 7-10 days. Avoid any sexual activity till complete treatment and increase your intake of water.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you speedy recovery,regards