Testicular pain 5 yrs after vasectomy.

Patient: Hi i have had a vasectomy 5 years ago. A few months after the opp i battled with a pain in the left testis. My doctor did a scan and send me to urologist. He told me the type of procedure that was used in the vasectomy causes a sperm build up in the one tube causing it to swell and causes the lump and discomfort. he said it is normal and i should not be concerned. Is this correct and should i learn to live with this discomfort or is there something to be done. the discomfort comes and goes from time to time and the lump is always there only becomes bigger at times.

Doctor: Wat you have described is a recognized complication of vasectomy. It is called a sperm granuloma and is essentially an a rea of chronic inflammation. They tend to resolve on their own or with use of anti-inflammatory medication. However, given the length of time you have had this condition it is unlikely to resolve. If left untreated it will cause nothing further than the discomfort you currently experience. If your discomfort is unbearable a simple surgical procedure can remove the lump and relieve your symptoms. It is best to have such a procedure performed by a urologist.