Testicular surgery recovery

Patient: Hello.Six months ago I had a 3in1 operation:-varicocele-Epididymal Cyst-Testicular Appendix3 weeks after the operation I visited my doctor and he told me that I’m healing well and because of all the interventions it might take longer to heal.Now, six months later, there is still something going on in there.The testicle is still not on his usual place, I feel pain (just when I touch it, not all the time), and there are still veins around it. Also, it’s consistency does not feel like the other one.I know that you will probably advice me to see my doctor and I will, as soon as possible, but I’m abroad till january, so I’m unable to do it right now.Your opinion will be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.Regards.

Doctor: Hi.Thank you for the query.Noted the history of Surgery for Varicocele, Epididymal Cyst and Testicular Appendix done simultaneously, review and advice after 3 months by your Surgeon; your feeling of something going on in there even after 6 months of surgery like testicle not in its place, pain on touch, veins around it and the consistency not being the same as the other testicle.You want an opinion as you cannot see your Surgeon right away.My thoughts and Advice:-The only symptom you say is pain on touch and not all the time. This is usually due to the small nerve getting entrapped in the scar tissue and nothing really can be done for this.-Since all the veins are tied in Varicocele Surgery, an alternate venous channels get opened up to drain the venous blood so you will see the veins.-Extensive Surgery will make the testicle appear not in its place due to fibrosis and since the veins are blocked the consistency may not return back to the one on the other side.-If you are still so much anxious, you may please get an Ultrasonography and Colour Doppler examination just to calm your nerves.This is very true that the healing after any surgery in scrotal region is a bit unpredictable but with the history you have provided, your progress looks fine.I hope this answer helps you get a clearer picture of the conditions we just discussed.All the best for further recovery.