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Patient: Hi someone I just meet give me a blow job he was only sucking it I feel scared what I did it about a month and 5 days I went to the doctor 2 week ago I had a physical blood test a a hiv test we call her a week later and told us everything came out okay am I okay now or I have 2 wait 2 more months to take another test I have no breakout or any thing I had a urine test to with it and it came out good I just want to know if I need to take another blood test to much Shor and why do I have tiny piles around my lips it not red it kind of white it very small u could only see it when I suck my lips in my doctor said herpes are different they look liquidity and bigger

Symptoms: None

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Doctor: Hello,If a RNA-PCR test has been done and it has come out to be negative in 2 weeks of exposure then you are safe but if its an ELISA it is better to repeat the test after 3 months again to confirm or negate with a western blot test.The upper lip looks no where like a herpetic lesion but more like a cold rash with dyskeratotic squamous cell proliferation which is a possibility in vitamin deficiency. It is advised that you may take Vitamin C tabs thrice a day for 15 days, this should help along with vitamin b complex capsule daily for a month.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards