Tethered Cord Syndrome

Patient: Doctor, I am suffering from tethered cord syndrome. I was operated for this before but spinal cord is low lying again now. My neurosurgeon suggested me a surgery but I refused. I convinced him for Physiotherapy instead. I wanna ask what is going to happen to me If I don’t go through a surgery. Below is my latest M.R.I. report for help.”Soft tissue post operative changes and posterior element defects are noted at L3 to S2 level. The lower dorsal and lumbar spinal canal and thecal sac appear prominent. The thecal sac in addition appears septated likely secondary to post operative fibrosis.the cauda equina nerve roots are located posteriorly and along the margins of the thecal sac which in addition to angulations are suggestive of tethering. The Conus lies at L3 vertebral level.The vertebral bodies appear normal in height and show normal marrow signal intensity. The intervertebral discs are normal. The facetal articulations are normal. The CSF shows normal intensity.No evidence of pre-vertebral mass / collection seen.”Doctor, is physiotherapy going to help me in anyway?

Symptoms: 1. Weakness in legs.
2. Back Pain