Tetryasal Treatment and Benzoyl Peroxide Assessment

Patient: Hi, I have been on Tetryasal nearly 8 weeks now. I had a few spots on my face 2-3 a week no more nothing major but I had mild acne on my back and chest. It has cleared up completely on my chest, minimum face break outs, was left with one scar and some days I’m seeing improvement on my back, other days not so much but its mostly redness and dark marks, I have two active spots on my back left and I’m not breaking out. Is this normal? Or is it not working? I’m using benzoyl peroxide with it and have been applying it to all the affected areas every day in the morning and night since I started the treatment. I finish 8 weeks tomorrow and will be doing another 3 months as my doctor has prescribed.Thank you,Gino

Symptoms: Acne