Thank you for taking the time to help me I

Patient: Thank you for taking the time to help me.I met a wonderful woman during my business trip to Bangkok, Thailand recently and things moved very fast. She is not a sex worker or anything, and she is very well educated (a UK university education) and she comes from a well educated and prominent family. We didn’t have a condom when the moment arrived – sex wasn’t expected – and I instead decided to ask about her sex history. She said she is hiv negative and has never had an std. I believed her and proceeded to have sex with her.Given that I have a loving relationship in the States, I want to make sure I’m healthy before being with my fiance again. I would like to know my risk factors involved in the following sexual actions my Thai girlfriend and I had together:1. Unprotected oral sex (receive and give)2. Unprotected vaginal sexMy anxiety is taking over, please help me.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion.I understand your concern completely here. The chances of you con tracting would have been higher if the lady had been a HIV positive or may have had an std. But nevertheless, considering that you had unprotected oral and vaginal sex treating her verbal statements completely,it is still advisable that you should opt for an std screen after a week and a HIV RNA PCR test or NAAT test for HIV soon as 3 weeks from the encounter. That’s the earliest and HiV RNA cab be detected in the blood and can confirm infection.If negative, then you are safe.I hope I have answered your query in detail, Wishing you good health,Regards