The Dukan Diet Advice

Patient: Hello! Last year ( 01.05.2011.) I started dieting. I stopped eating sweets, snacks, cut down carbs, started eating more fruit etc. I lost aproximately 4 kg ( I had 52 before, 48 was the lowest) and now I’m back to 50, although I haven’t changed my diet. Long story short, I’ve read about the Ducan diet on the Internet and I wonder, will it work for me? I would want to eat normally ( pasta, potatoes, sweets) and stay at my current weight, and Ducan diet promises that. It promises that after the 4 phases you can go back to eating normally and staying the same weight, but will the “normal” eating for me be the eating on my current diet or the one before – with the carbs and sweets? Thank you very much!

Doctor: The Dukan Diet is Essentially, it’s a four-phase, high-protein, low-calorie diet plan. There’s no weighing foods orcount ing calories. You eat as much as you want, at any time of day – as long as what you’re eating is lean protein. In my opinion, it is never a good idea to cut out a whole food group from your diet – in this case, starch and carbohydrates. If you restrict yourself for a week, you may not really risk your health, but for a longer period of time you will miss out on important nutrients. High-protein diets do lead to weight loss, and cutting out carbohydrates for a short period to kick-start a diet is acceptable but in the long term, if you have anything that’s too restrictive you will risk your health.