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The head and rim of my penis has been red,

Patient: The head and rim of my penis has been red, irritated, full of bumps and sore for about 10 months. It looks more irritated and feels more sore when erect and after intercourse. Dermatologist and urologist said nothing is wrong, but it is still sore and bumpy. Had full STD test, all negative. What could this be?



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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.I have reviewed the pictures and it do es look irritated with eruptions. This is very typical of a persistent allergy at the local site.It could be from the fabric, some cleaning solution you have been using, or could also be because of tight underwear.I will advise you to take a course of Tab. Claritin 10 mg once daily at bed time for a week and let me know if there is any improvement. Allergies should respond to this medicine.Hope this was helpful,Regards.

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Patient: Hello,
I’m following up on your advice from last week. I took a Claritin 10 mg tablet once daily at bedtime for a little over 1 week. It looks and feels pretty much the same (photo attached). There might be a slight improvement regarding the discomfort, but not much. It still appears red and irritated with bumps on the tip and rim and feels sore when rubbing on my pants during the day and for sure after intercourse. It’s a very strange situation and nobody can seem to be able to identify what this is. I had a full set of STD tests and they all came back negative. Any additional thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

Doctor: This is indeed strange and definitely doesn’t match up with any of the STDs.
This seems to be due to a constant source of allergy. Does it get better when you take your underwear off or after shower?
Kindly reply.

Patient: Thanks for your reply. No, it doesn’t seem to be any different after shower or without underwear, it just always seems to be irritated.
I’ve used the same soap, shampoo and laundry detergent for the last 20 years. What else could it be outside of allergy? A skin disease?
The reason I had STD tests performed is that I started to have this irritation after a sexual encounter and the irritation has never gone away. The redness, bumps, and discomfort is always there. Thanks.

Doctor: Skin disease can only be confirmed once a physical examination is done by a dermatologist. Kindly seek a second opinion and review with a dermatologist since the first doctor couldn’t identify the condition.

Patient: Thanks for your follow up. Just to confirm, you would recommend I see a dermatologist, not a urologist?

Doctor: Yes I will recommend a dermatologist for your case.


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