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The inside of my foot where the arch is, is

Patient: The inside of my foot where the arch is, is turning blue and my knees have been killing me for the past 2 days it felt like i broke my knee yesterday standing up and its bluer than my right foot



Doctor: HelloThanks for posting your query at ATD.You have discolouration of your foot and have excruciating knee pain b ut this information hardly give any details of your condition. Please answer a few questions for better evaluation of your condition.Did you suffer from any trauma preceding the pain in foot or knee?Are you currently on any medication or have some chronic condition like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease etc.?Do you or any of your family member have blood coagulation disorders?Do you have any other symptoms such as fever, weight loss, malaise etc.?What is your age group and gender?The recent history of contact sports or trekking/camping?Kindly follow up with answers to these questions along with clinical images of your foot.Looking forward to your reply. Feel free to discuss further.Regards,



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Patient: I have torn my acl and ptl and mcl in my right knee my left knee had water on it before. I have seizures.dont know if my famliy has history with coagulation disorders. No wieght loss or fever. I do work out i do squats and stuff like that. Im 30 years old. No contact sports i did ride and race dirt bikes. I hope that answers. Heart disease runs on my dads side.

Patient: I am not able to send pictures because it is my son and he is in prison.

Doctor: Hello,
Since in the first query you mentioned yourself as patient, I thought you as patient now since its related to your son who has discolouration of foot, I hope the answers are keeping him in mind.
The most probable cause in inmate patient is trauma proximal to discolouration and trickling/migration of blood downwards to cause symptoms in foot. Clinical images is must as history is not suggesting any probable cause and images can give little hints as examination is not possible here.
You have not mentioned when your right knee got injured and what do you mean by water on left knee- knee effusion or something else.
Did he suffer from any trauma preceding pain and discolouration of foot?
Has bluish discolouration been changing its colour with time?
Please provide more detailed information. Looking forward to your reply.


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