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The last two months, less than a week before my

Patient: The last two months, less than a week before my period, i pass something in the toilet tbat looks about an inch long… Like a skinny football with a curly end. It is white with blood inside it and then you can see white tissue stings about an inch long as well where it was attached. I saw a specialist about this and its come back twice that i have red bloodcells in my urine. The doctor said he was just going to do another urine sample in six months and said he does not want to do a work up because I’m 36 and bladder cancer is unlikely. He says its normal for some people to have blood in their urine all the time, but is it normal to have tissue over an inch long? Should i get a second oppinion or just wait? I have no pain, but simetimes irritation down there and i have no urge to pee or frequent trips to the bathroom. I do have a picture i could attach, but i see no place to do so.



Symptoms: Passing things in urine, but no pain or other symptoms.



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Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possible causes of this blood-stained mucus-like tissue i s:-Before periods blood stained mucus discharge can be seen per vaginum.-Reddish end might be coming from cervix and mucoid part from vagina.-Cervical erosion with vaginal infection can also present with this type of discharge.-Urinary tract infections can also present with blood stained mucus. But having this much tissue without symptoms is rare.So, to come to one conclusion please consult your doctor and undergo vaginal and speculum examination to find out vaginal infection and cervical erosion, then urine culture and sensitivity and ultrasound to find out urinary tract infection.Possibly this workup can help in finding out the possible cause of your problem and treatment can be planned accordingly.Take care.

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Patient: I’m not sure what you mean by mucus-like tissue, but the white part is not mucus like in texture. It’s almost more like a jelly fish or a delicate fish tail.
Does this still line up with your conclusion?

Doctor: Hi,
Usually in second part of the menstrual cycle the vaginal discharge will be thicker comparatively under influence of progesterone and may look as jelly like.
This is only a possibility.
But by direct examination and palpation only the exact nature of the tissue can be identified.
As according to you the tissue is having membranous nature, better to rule out urinary tract infections, filtration defects in kidney etc.
So, please do consult your doctor and get evaluated.
Take care.


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