The left side of my throat hurts and it’s swollen

Patient: The left side of my throat hurts and it’s swollen. What does that mean

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.The commonest reasons for swelling and pain in the left side of the throat are:- Inflam ed lymph nodes; the cause can be a focus of infection in the oral cavity.- Thyroglossal cyst and such swellings; these are rare and have a specific history.I would advise you the following in such a situation:- Get an opinion of an ENT surgeon or a General Surgeon for clinical evaluation examination of the neck, oral cavity for focus of infection and have a probable diagnosis.- If the condition is acute, you have to get a course of an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicines, wait and watch and see the results.- I the condition resolves, get the treatment of the original cause.- If the condition does not resolve, you need further investigations of blood, urine, ultrasonography, FNAC to decide the cause and plan a proper treatment.I hope this answers your query; please feel free to ask for further.