The past 2-3 years I’ve noticed a small amount of

Patient: The past 2-3 years I’ve noticed a small amount of blood on the toilet paper whenever I poop. Nothing alarming, just a little smear of blood here and there. I went to the Dr. And was told to get a colonoscopy, but didn’t. It was later followed by sever stomach pains that caused uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea. Pain so sever that I cried myself to sleep, sleep usually coming from passing out Because the pain was so sever. I again, went to the doctor who put me on SIX different anti-acids on the market (none of them worked) and was told, again, to get a colonoscopy, to which I did not do. The past three months I have felt extremely slow, tired, sore, and just not right. My back began hurting (I wasn’t to surprised because my back usually hurts) but more than usually, very low in the back. I was sitting in class one day and the pain just kept getting worse. Throughout the day it became so bad that I had to leave school because I couldn’t walk. A few days later, after my first physical therapy appointment, for my back, I went to the restroom because I really had to poop. It was probably the easiest, nicest poop I’ve had in a while. Nothing unusual about it, other than how easy it came it. It was nice and solid, only had to push once! While going to admire my creation I looked down and could not even see my poop because the water in the toilet bowl was so red with blood. There was blood spattered on the side of the bowl, like when you have explosive diarrhea, it smelled like blood, it drenched the toilet paper in blood. Obviously, I was a little worried and texted my mom (and sent her pictures) to which she told me to “eat more fiber”. So I tried to just forget about it, thinking maybe it was a one time thing, until it happened every time I sat down on the toilet. Doesn’t matter if I sat down to pee or poop, blood came out no matter how hard I pushed. Then about 3 days after the first shocking endeavor I started passing no poop, only dark thick blood clots, along with red blood, the same amount. So now I’m constipated, exegeses tingly tired, my lower abdomen feels like there is a constant pressure on it, I’m passing only blood clots and blood, my back is killing me and my parents are telling me to eat more fiber and take diarrhea medication (which that sounds very contradicting?). Finically at work after almost passing out from being so tired my friend took me to the ER. The doctor did nothing but stick his finger up my butt and sent that to the lab where the results came back positive for blood. Not surprising considering when I got off the bed we realized my anus had been leaking blood. I was sent home and told to contact a gastroenterologist Monday and that he would get me in as soon as possible. So today, the day after going to the ER, I have been unable to pass anything except deep red blood clots, mucous and small hard pellets that take half an hour to get one out. They are deep brown, covered in bloody mucous, and they smell HORRIBLE. It feels like someone is on my lower abdomen, I’m exhausted, my head hurts, I get light head very easily, my lower back aches, and it feels like I’m about to have the most horrible and painful explosive diarrhea possible and throw up at the same time but whenever I rush to the bathroom I’m in there for an 1.5 hours and I get out 1-3 rock hard bloody mucous covered pellets, and a swarm of dark red blood clots. The toilet paper shows dark red blood along with brown/red smelly mucous. Please keep in mind, I’m a 19 year old female..

Symptoms: Blood on stool, blood clots, sever lower back pain, pressure on lower abdomen, extremely tired, light headed

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