The pill problems

Patient: I’m on birthcontrol and have been for over a year, I started having sex 3 months ago. All has been fine until today when after we had sex I noticed bleeding. I’m on my second week of pills and I don’t know how or why I could be bleeding and it’s freaking me out. I did forget to take my pill last night but I took it this morning soon after I woke up, and with having sex this afternoon we didn’t have any other protection.

Symptoms: Bleeding and a little bit of cramps.

Doctor: You mentioned that you were on contraceptive pills for past one year and bleeding recently when you had unprotected sex. If you are worrying of pregnancy, chances are almost negligible. But bleeding for one time could be a trivial one, but if it recurs you must visit a gynecologist at the earliest, as there could be any associated lesion in the female genital tract.