The possibilty of having an STD for over a year?

Patient: Hello there! Over the past few months I have been having bleeding between periods. During this time I was no longer on birth control and I just assumed since I have had issues with my cycle before it was because I didn’t have the pills to help regulate me. Recently I have been having some pain whenever my boyfriend and I have sex although it’s not often it does happen more than it did before. A few weeks ago he told me that his penis was sensitive and it burned to pee. I have not cheated on him and I know he has not cheated on me. Is it possible that I have an STD from my previous relationship from a year and a half ago and I am not showing signs til now as well as my partner?

Doctor: Typically an STD would show acute symptoms like vaginal discharge , pain etc. However when not treated it may lead to so mething called Pelvic inflamatory disease which is the inflamation of the higher structures like the uterus , tubes etc. This may lead to pain and painful sex down the line. However your symptoms of irregular periods do not fit into this category and you need to get that checked out. Please consult your family physician for a examination and further hormonal and ultrasound testing regarding the same. All the best.