The reversibility of renal failure

Patient: My husband was a big drinker and almost died .He is trying really hard to get well.His Kidney count was at 300 it is now 196,is there anything natural he can do to help improve this ,

Doctor: Improvement of renal (kidney) function will depend on whether the kidney failure is an acute process or a manifestation of chronic renal failure. The fact that the creatinine level has dropped from 300 to 196 suggests there is some reversibility present, however it may never completely return to normal, this depends on the degree of insult to the kidney tissue. To encourage adequate perfusion of the kidneys it is important to stay well hydrated with both oral and intravenous fluid supplementation in a hospital setting, with monitoring of input and output volumes. It is vital to discontinue or avoid prescription of any medications that may be toxic to the kidney, to prevent further insult. Blood pressure should be optimally controlled. Low potassium and low protein diets may be beneficial especially if the renal failure is chronic. Referral to a nephrologist is advisable for specialized advice.