The top of my mouth has been itchy It’s been

Patient: The top of my mouth has been itchy.. It’s been getting worst, lately my left nostril and the roof of my mouth has been itching at the same time one night itched my mouth and nose so much and so hard I started tasting blood.. But there was no blood anywhereNext morning I had a bad sore throat I looked in my mouth and found little red dots?! Can u please help me? I am getting worriedThanks

Symptoms: Ear aches, sneezing, itchy nose, throat feels like it’s kinda closing, red dots on roof of mouth

Doctor: HI.Read and understood your history and concerns.The history of too much itching and red spots the nest day on th e roof of the mouth raises a suspicion of herpetic rash.This can be diagnosed if you would have posted the picture. Yet, to confirm consult your Doctor or preferably an ENT surgeon to have proper differential diagnosis and treatment as per the clinical evaluation.Till then have small amounts of water frequently.A proper dose of medicines will help you to recover well.Hope this helps you.