There are small red zits in my underarms The look

Patient: There are small red zits in my underarms. The look like ordinary pimples. They do not hurt, nor do they have pus. But the number of them grows. I want to shave my armpits, and do so every few days, but each time I am met with more irritation. When I shave, it doesn’t get all the hairs even when I stroke repeatedly (yes, I’m using shaving cream), leaving stubble, a patch of irritation, and those hideous red pimples/dots. I’ve tried moisturizing after with lotion, coconut oil, baby oil, and then more lotion, but nothing has real results! Other girls have smooth armpits. Is something wrong with me, that I have such horrifying underarms?

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.I understand your concern.In some people, the hair follicle are very prominent such that they look like bumps especially in hair bearing area.These are more commonly found in atopics.As such nothing can be done for this. They are like other normal structures on our body.Still if much cosmetic concerned, you may use concealer for the same.I hope I am able to solve your query.Take care