There is a bump on my lip I went to

Patient: There is a bump on my lip. I went to the pharmacist. And they said it looked like a wrat and that sometimes this will turn into cancer

Symptoms: None

There is a bump on my lip I...-1

Doctor: Hi, young man.No one gets cancer at such an early age, so first of all get the fear of cancer out of the mind.Sin ce you have not given the detailed history related to the duration of this lesion on the lip, how did it start, had some kissing or sexual interaction it is a bit difficult to say what exactly this lump is about in spite of a clear picture you have posted.This looks to be an old cyst or cold sore getting alright where you have applied something to it changing the appearance of it.I think particularly in your case, I would like you to be examined by a Dermatologist so that a proper diagnosis and treatment can be instituted well.Do not pop or try anything at home.