There is constant pressure on my bladder and it feels

Patient: There is constant pressure on my bladder and it feels as though it is always full even when it is not. What could it be? I’m extremely doubtful that i am pregnant because planned parenthood took a pregnancy test of me less than 2 months ago. My name is Jacinda, I am 19 years old.

Symptoms: Pressure on bladder. Feel as though I need to constantly urinate. Stings when I do.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.You have a problem of constant pressure on urinary bladder, as if you need to urinate co nstantly and stings when you do.Pregnancy is doubtful /I would advise you in such a situation the following;First of all get confirmed whether you are pregnant or not.This is the most important part as we would like to avoid all the medicines during the first trimester.- Ultrasonography of the whole abdomen and pelvis.- Urine for routine, microscopy, culture and sensitivity examination .Other tests of blood including that for urea and creatinineThe treatment will depend upon the cause and if pregnancy is present or not and the reports of the tests you have just been told to.