There’s blood in my urine.

Patient: I just had my period at the end of last month. I usually get it at the end of the month. Now its the beginning of the month and I’m experiencing blood in my discharge and urine. What does that mean?By the way I’ve been extremely sexually active.

Symptoms: Headaches, nausea, uncontrollable urine, blood in urine and discharge, high temperature.

Doctor: Thank you for your question.It is possible that the blood in your urine is being caused by a urinary tract infection. Since you are sexually active, this could have been caused by a sexually transmitted infection. It is important that you promptly have this examined by your doctor.You will need to be prescribed antibiotics to clear this infection. Possible STI’s which could be causing this include gonorrhea and chlamydia. Failure to have this treated promptly can lead to a more severe infection of the pelvic structures called Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Please seek medical attention immediately.Thank you for consulting