October 21, 2018

These days I felt really tired, headache, insomnia, hard tim

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Patient: These days I felt really tired, headache, insomnia, hard time focusing, chill ( my hands and feet felt cold), bloated, cramps and backache, fast hearbeats. I’ve been noticing that my stool having short of reddish pigment. Also my period should have come, but it’s likely not…I’m afraid that I’m pregnant; however, I don’t have any significant sign of pregnancy such as food craving, food aversion ( I also don’t feel like I want to eat anything, food become tasteless to me), sore boobs, or morning sickness. I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago, but he didn’t come inside my, and I took emergency contraception pill as well.Since my period is pass-due and I’m afraid of being pregnant so I’m forcing my period to come by taking overdose vitamin C, and parsley tea. After a few hours, I had blood coming out but its very light plus REALLY REALLY heavy cramps ( backache as well as abdominal pain), and slight fever ( I guess it’s vitamin C’s side effect). Plus, since taking vitamin C, there’s excessive fluid come with the “period” blood.Please tell me, what are those symptoms associated with? pregnancy or iron deficiency?If I am pregnant, is it likely that I have “aborted” my baby? I don’t want to be pregnant at this moment…FYI I’ve been experienced these symptoms for 2 weeks already.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms of tiredness, insomnia, headache, etc, are not specific of pregnancy. They can be seen in other conditions like anemia, low blood pressure, diabetes, nutritional deficiency and generalized ill health.Since you have had intercourse 2 weeks back and missed your cycles yet, kindly do a pregnancy test. Beta hCG blood test is an accurate one to predict pregnancy. The symptoms of excessive discharge of urine with periods, menstrual cramps could mean that your cycles have started. Without ruling out a pregnancy, we cannot call it to have chances of abortion. Rule out pregnancy by this test first and then see the doctor accordingly for treatment.Hope this helped.Regards

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Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

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