This all started about 3 weeks ago I was having

Patient: This all started about 3 weeks ago. I was having brown discharge and a missed period (the brown discharge lasted about 11 days, and I still have yet to get a period). All pregnancy tests negative. So, about 1 week and 1/2 ago I went to an urgent care and she said my uterus was inflammed and to my surprise diganosed me with PID, and put me on a large dose on antibiotics I’m still supposed to be taking (but I stopped them 4 days ago due to side effects). The gono/clamyd tests she did came back negative. I went to a GYN the next day who did an exam but said she could not tell what was going on since I was “tense everywhere.” So, she had me get a pelvic ultrasound.I got the ultrasound results several days ago but still have not heard back from my doctor so i’ve been worried! Are these results normal? And do they suggest any signs of infertility? Do my ovaries seem small, and is it normal one is smaller than the other? (My period is nearly a month late, and I’ve not been on any birth control for a long time, negative pregnancy tests)The results:TransvaginalImpression: follicular change of both ovaries with benign features.Minimum fluid in cul-de-sac thought to be of normal variation.Reccomendations: clinical correlationUterus: 6.3 Ă— 2.3 x 4cmAntevertedEndometrium: thickness 4mmAppearance: normalMasses/fibroids: noneRight Ovary (cm) 2.3×1.4×2.5cm Volume 4.2ccMobility normalAppearance: small follicles evident. One dominant follicle measuring 13mm it has benign featires.Doppler waveforms documentedLeft ovarySize 3.1×1.5×2.8 Volume of 6.9ccMobility normalAppearance: small scattered folliclesDoppler waveforms documentedPelvic fluid: minimal fluid in cal de sac is thought to be within normal variationUrinary bladder: negative

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.I have read your detailed history and gone through your reports too.The ultrasoun d is normal. Yes, generally one ovary is slightly smaller than the other. There is nothing to worry about it. Brownish discharge with irregular periods may mean an infection. Hence the doctor has advised antibiotics. Though the tests are negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea, there are many more organisms which can be a cause for infection. The other cause could be endometriosis , hormonal imbalance, etc, which is not a scan finding. We need to find out the reason for delay in period.Avoid srress, maintain your weight and avoid excessive weight gain. Consider leading a healthier life style. We need to test for thyroid and pituitary hormone functions too. You could wait till you see the doctor as the scan report is fine and there is nothing to panic.Hope this helpsRegards