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This coming Saturday it will be 3 weeks since I

Patient: This coming Saturday it will be 3 weeks since I have experienced a leg trauma .ihave been seenand had an ultrasound done all of my veins are clear and there are no blood clots but I still have a swollen contusion on the side of my calf….backstory I was at an eventand tried to climb over a theater style seat, my foot slid to the back of the seat the seat closed up on my leg and my leg went between the back and the bottom of the seatmy son not realizing my leg was trapped tried to help and slammed the bottom of the seat down..within 5 seconds of the incident occurring the intrusion started swellingto about the size of a softballat this pointit is the size of a tennis ball after the incident it took about 48 hours for the bruising to set inonce a bruisin set in the entire bottom half of my leg was bruisedI have kept my leg elevated as much as humanly possible doing cold compress applications so on and so forththe majority of the bruising is dissipatingthe entire time I have only worn flip flopswell as I return to workI am finding that I am ending up with bruises from my socks on my ankle basically all of those elastic lines from socks are not just little indentations in my skin there actually turning into bruisesI have double checked to make sure my boots are not too tight and I also have the contusion wrapped snugly in an ace bandage as it is painful when I walk without it wrappedmy employer is even allowing me to fit periodically throughout my shiftand has provided me with a stool and I am applying ice on my breaks should I be concerned that my confusion is still there like I said three weeks later and should I be concerned that my socks or bruising me like I said I did have an ultrasound done about a week ago and all of my veins were clear no clots I thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you



Symptoms: Peculiar bruising and swollen contusion that will not go away



This coming Saturday it wil...-1

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I do not find that there is much cause of concern. 3 weeks is not enough time for the pa in to subside in some cases but that is not a reason for it to have a Deep vein thrombus. The reason you were checked by ultrasound for your veins was to search for thrombuses. That is not the case. Looking at the leg injury, healing time varies greatly from person to person. You may also like to add in some heating to promote blood flow to the area and to allow the blood to return to the heart or at least out if it is trapped.Also, work on lifting your leg up on top of 2 pillows to promote blood flow. Try to rest as much as you can but you should also add some stretching and some massage into the day to allow the blood to flow back to the heart.Be aware of fever, unbearable pain and breathing difficulties that come suddenly. If any of these have happened or happen in the future, rush to the ER. There is a very low chance of these happening.Hope this helps you. Wishing you the best of health.

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Patient: thank you I will definitely try the heat and the massage ..I am still a little confused as to why or what may cause the new bruising from wearing socksthere have been two instances a week apart where I have worn socks and both times the elastic from my socks have left bruises in the shape of the elastic

Doctor: Thank you for the follow up.
Since the leg is still recovering, there is still a high concentration of toxins in the area and this can make it more predisposed to bruising. Also, there is relative stasis of the blood on the affected leg compared to the other one. This can cause is to bruise at the areas where there is increased pressure (like with the elastic on the socks).
I suspect you should be fine in another week or 2. Regardless it might be ok to get the foot examined by a Doctor to see how it is healing in a weeks’ time. It is just a precaution and I do not see a reason to worry.
Wishing you good health.


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