This is my question ; I have allergeries to

Patient: This is my question ; I have allergeries to fresh water and sea water animals. I believe it is because of the fact that I consume it and goes through my whole blood stream. However I have learned that I am able to eat a manufacturer can of tuna in water. I can not eat it in oil.I have had allergeries to the last above and all type of nuts. My husband doesn’t believe there is a difference in the process of the canned products. He believes there no difference from canned tuna in water to clam soup. Please advise to what you think thank you

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.There is definitely a differe nce as the canned tuna is stored under different conditions. However, it is highly recommended you avoid canned tuna altogether. When we are allergic to something, we are allergic to the ingredient, and no matter how it is cooked or served, allergies manifest. For instance, if someone is allergic to orange, allergy symptoms will manifest irrespective of whether it is consumed as a fruit or in the form of juice.I am not discouraging you from consuming the food you like, its just that a lot of people have developed sudden anaphylactic reactions to products they are allergic too. Most common allergy is to the dust, and I have had patients coming with severe wheezing on exposure to dust, warranting oxygen therapy. It is very difficult to predict how severely allergy can manifest.The main difference between the canned tuna and the tuna in clam soup is, canned tuna has absolutely no oil. They do add oil as a preservative during the manufacturing process. The cans proceed through a water bath for cleaning off oil residue, ensuring there is no further oil. So since it is absolutely devoid of oil, you probably can still consume it. But there are lots of negative reports about canned tuna, where in some mercury content was found to be high. There were also studies claiming the manufacturers actually adulterate and mix other seafood items with canned tuna.So I will advise you to strictly stay off products which cause allergies to you. Also, if you do consume canned tuna, please take a dose of Claritin ( Loratadine ) after consulting your physician as a prophylactic measure. It will prevent any allergic manifestations.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to follow-up,Regards.