This is my second time having Implanon

Patient: This is my second time having the Implanon. it expired February 4th. I’m 25 years old. my last period Day was Feb 15th. I have been having unprotected sex and I was wondering if there is a chance of getting pregnant before I can get to a doctor to get it removed… I also was wondering, if I get another Implanon this will be my third one; is there any chance of me becoming infertile or having problems becoming pregnant in the future because I’ve had the implant contraceptive in my system for 9 yrs. consecutively?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If you have been on an implant for 6 years now and your menses have resumed naturally on Feb 15th then the second one has expired, its effectiveness is decreased. you can safely opt for a third one if you are not contemplating pregnancy soon, but before that a urine pregnancy test is routinely done to rule out any pregnancy.The third implant will not cause infertility, but you may experience a delayed ovulation say after 2-3 months after the removal whites again normal. I feel you can safely go ahead with the third implant.Hope this helps.Regards