This is the 4th night in a row that I hsd woken up with uncomfortable sleep

Patient: This is the 4th night in a row that I have woken up from my sleep uncomfortable. My stomach feels like it has a knot tied in it, I’m super naseauted. ‘No I am not pregnant.’ It’s really painful I have not had an appetite in 4 days everything taste different even soda. Should I consult a Dr?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have gastritis. Gastritis is due to the irritation of the gastric linin g. The gastric lining irritation and causes spasms and increased peristalsis of the intestine.You can try taking 20 ml Pepto-Bismol 3 times a day to help you with the symptoms. The symptoms will reduce after 3 days.If you do not feel better after 3 days, please see a Doctor. Hope this helps you. All the best.