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This is VERY embarrassing to explain but on May 21

Patient: This is VERY embarrassing to explain but on May 21 I was having intercourse with my boyfriend and when we he was ejaculating it got in my eyes . Immediately I closed my eyes but when I wiped I realized it burned and my left eye was really red. After a bit the eye redness went down but my right eye got really swollen with a red bump. The whole time I’ve experienced both eyes to burn, hurt when I look around, feel punched and sore. The pain and discomfort is mostly felt on my upper outer eyelid on the left eye and on the corner of my lower lid near the top of my nose , exactly where the red bump is on the right eye.I am not able to go urgent care for personal reasons so I really need your help!



Symptoms: Sore eyes
Pain and Bump on lower eyelid of right eye
Pain on top upper eyelid corner of left eye
Watery eyes when I wake up



This is VERY embarrassing t...-1

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD,The typical lesion which is seen on the photograph is known as STYE OR EXTERNA L HORDEOLUM. This occurs either due to infection of the meibomian glands in the eye or often seen when there occurs breakage of eyelashes following rough rubbing of eyes.The episode where sperm had gotten into your eye has caused local inflammatory reaction and hence the red eye. The pain and redness is classical. It is important that you should visit your physician for a prescription of antibiotic eyedrops to be applied thrice a day for few days along with oral antibiotics for the stye which is progresses further may develop into abscess and then would have to be drained.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you speedy recovery,Regards


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