This might be a UTI, but please help.

Patient: Okay so this is a little embarrassing but whatever. This started a couple days ago when I got a fever and some body aches out of the blue. Whenever I go pee, it initially stings my penis, but that passes. But then towards the end, this other sensation arises. It’s not quite pain, but it’s intense, right on the border or pain. It’s worse than the stinging, and it even happens when I’m getting that *last* dribble out. Now, I peed blood once a long time ago, saw a urologist, and recovered. This stinging thing has happened numerous times since, and always passed within about a day. This new sensation is, well, new. And very uncomfortable. What’s going on with my body??? (Also I’m 17 years old if it matters) also, regarding the first time this happened, with the blood, more than blood came out. Also these weird….masses came out. But it’s never happened since.

Symptoms: Symptoms: stinging, intensive discomfort of the penis

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comThe symptoms of burning micturition, with increased frequency of uri ne and low back ache with history of passing blood in urine indicates chronic cystitis and it has to be evaluated for confirmation of causative organism with a urine culture most likely to be chlamydia which can cause bleeding .So it is suggested that you may visit your physician for an exam and evaluation in form of urine culture. In the meantime you may increase your water intake to 12-14 glasses per day which would help flush out infection early.I hope i have answered your query in detail.wishing you good health,regards