Threadworm – extra measures to get rid of

Patient: I discovered that we all had threadworm 2 weeks ago (2 boys aged 6 and 12) me and my husband. We all took an Ovex tablet 2 weeks ago. I had been checking my children at night and it took 3-4 nights before I stopped seeing worms. With me they seemed to stop after 2-3 days. I have also been very strict with my diet ie. I’ve been having lots of tomato, carrots, no sugar, no alchohol. But the last few evenings (about 10.30pm) i’ve been seeing white ‘stuff’ around my anus. They don’t look like whole worms and they don’t seem to be moving. But I know they must be moving because if I don’t wash them away they are gone by the morning.Can you confirm that this is actual live worm activity?if, so why does it look like its not whole worms and why is it not moving?I will take another Oxex tablet but I have heard that it is really hard to get rid of worms.Can you describe the best way to get rid of them as I am concerned that the Ovex will not work.I have spoken to my GP and to NHS direct but they don’t seem to have anything extra to say.Thank you.