Three LGSIL in a row

Patient: A year ago, My pap came back with LGSIL. I had a colpo done and she found a spot and biopsied it. She said the spot was precancerous. Six months later I had a pap and it came back LGSIL again. Six months after the second LGSIL, I had another pap and it came back LGSIL. My doctor wants to wait another six months for a pap. Is this normal to continue to play the waiting game after three paps in a row demonstrate LGSIL?

Doctor: LGISL or Low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion describes cervical dysplasia detected by Pap smear. This lesion is mo st likely caused by the human papillomavirus and in most women clears up on its own within two years.I understand that you feel concerned and desperate about your LGSIL follow up, however let me reassure you that your physician is doing the right thing by just watching and waiting since LGSIL is considered a low grade dysplasia usually resolves by itself, no medical treatment may be needed. Colposcopies and biopsies may be done at regular intervals to monitor the dysplasia, certainly If it progresses, treatment may be necessary. I hope I cleared your doubt.