Three weeks ago I had super rough sex, and the

Patient: Three weeks ago I had super rough sex, and the next few days I was super swollen and I had tears in my vagina. After awhile, the pain was gone and every thing felt back to normal. Just a few days ago my vagina started to itch inside for a few days and then it stopped. Over this weekend, I had a track meet in the hot sun and ran a lot and the next day my vagina hurt really bad. I put a mirror to my vagina and there was a swollen pit of redness with blister-like sores inside of my vagina on one side. My partner used a condom and he does not have any std’s or sti’s. Today my vagina hurt, and started to bleed and now the pain is gone. What could this be??! Please help




Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possible causes of your problem are allergy to condom m aterial, vaginal infection due to disturbed local flora, viral infections, vaginal endometriosis etc.By clinical examination and investigations like vaginal swab culture and sensitivity the possible cause of the problem can be identified.So, please do consult your doctor and get evaluated.Take care.

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Patient: Everything feels back to normal and there is no more pain. Do I still need to be checked by a doctor?

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