Throat and chest pain/ blood taste during cardio

Patient: I’ve been trying to live a heathy life style. I’m fine with eating right but that only gets you so far. Its just when I try to do anything related to cardio,( especialy jogging), no mtter if its indoors or out, I get this taste of blood in my mouth and a painful, tight feeling throat and chest and I just feel like I have to stop right away. is this because I’m so out of shape or is there something wrong with me?

Doctor: Thanks for consulting us. Tight feeling in throat and chest that make you to stop at once, can be due to reactive airway disease, considering your background history of Hay fever. It can happen with heart disease also. If you have any symptoms like wheezing sound while breathing, cough, etc., consult pulmonologist as it could be due to exacerbation of airway disease. If you have symptoms like chest tightness radiate to arms, choking sensation while breathing, dizziness, palpitation, nausea, etc., consult cardiologist. Consult your physician as it require some specific tests to narrow down the diagnosis. Wish you all the best. Have a nice day.