Throat burning dont know whats wrong

Patient: Throat is burning dont think its acid refluc doctor said post nasal drip taking meds and spray not working what else could it be

Symptoms: Post nasal drip often swallowing alot throat burning mild

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor. You may be suffering from a soar throat which may present with a burning scratc hy sensation. Sore throat has many causes.1. If accompanied by a high fever (101) , it may be caused by a bacterial infection and may require antibiotics for treatment.2. If accompanied by a running nose and itchy watering eyes, it could be post nasal drip due to allergies. Treatment would be avoiding the allergen and taking anti-histamins, anticholinergics, mast cell inhibitors, steroid nasal sprays etc.3. If associated with flu like symptoms (fatigue, weakness etc), it could be a result of the infectious mononucleosis and may require essential symptomatic treatment. In severe cases may require steroids.4. Accompanied with difficulty swallowing and breathing may be due to an inflamed Epiglottis and needs urgent medical attention.5. If your sore throat is associated with pain through the ear , it could be a sign of other serious conditions.Hope this information was useful.