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Throat/ Chlamydia Please help me out if you can

Patient: Hello, i have Chlamydia. I am being treated right now for it. it is about cleared up. i went to the bathroom (went pee holding my penis) and forgot to wash my hands. About 10 mins later i notice me watching tv and biting my nails. Is there a way i could spread chlamydia to my throat? Is that even possible? please let me know.



Symptoms: Thinking in my head I’m developing a sore throat but throat doesn’t hurt



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are chances of contracting a throat infection through contact of genitals with the hand and again introducing the same to the oral cavity.There is not much to worry as you are already on treatment, that is antibiotic cover for the infection. Warm saline gargles three times a day will help you feel better and prevent chances of infection.If you have any further queries regarding the present complaint, Please post in the comments below.Hope this helped.Regards,

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Patient: Whats warm saline? salt water?? should i get my throat checked out?

Patient: Also i am on azithromcyin and I’m on my 3rd day with it. so is the antibiotics still in my system for it to cure it?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
Warm saline means mix a pinch of table salt and dissolve it in warm water, the water should be comfortably warm to gargle. This has a medicated effect and kills all the bacteria which affect the throat and cause an infection.
Yes, azithromycin will work for the rest of the days until you finish the course as suggested by the doctor.There is nothing that you need to worry.
Hope this helped.

Patient: how long does azithromycin stay in your system???

Patient: I took a 1000mg 4 pill single dose of it azithromycin on Monday. Is it still in my system??

Doctor: Hello,to
Half life of azithromycin is said to be very long.One dose 500 mg can stay upto 96 hours and beyond.It not only depends on the half life but lot of other factors like immunity and body type to fight a disease.While you are on antibiotics cover , you need not worry about a re infection.


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