Throat infection after having a oral sex with my boyfriend

Patient: Hi,I have this problem with my throat infection 4 times in last 6 months.I want to the doctor every time,he gave me antibiotics and said its some bacteria that I took and after taking medicines I would be fine but it’s always coming back.I have a boyfriend for a 6 months now,and it all started when was first time together.I had oral sex with my ex boyfriends too but with my boyfriend now I swallow semen for the first time.Didn’t know it’s because of this at the beginning,I visited doctor as I said and he said it’s normal,took cold and get some bacterias.But now I’m sure it’s because of oral sex (only when I swallow semen) cause it happens exactly after every time I do this.What it can be,am I allergic to the semen?Does it mean he have some disease?

Symptoms: 1 day after having a oral sex with my boyfriend i start having a pain in my throat and 2nd and 3rd day its huge,I can’t swallow anything or eat,having a pain,headache,pressure in my ears too

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Each time you had oral sex with your boyfriend, you got sick. So you’re definitely reacting to either the semen or getting a local infection from oral intercourse.You can ask your boyfriend to wear a condom when you perform oral sex and avoid swallowing semen.The throat mucosa is sensitive, and it is probably getting inflamed from some constituent of semen. An inflamed throat catches an infection more readily.So you need to talk to your boyfriend about it and take precautions when you perform oral sex on him.Hope this was helpful.Regards.