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Throat Pimple Causing Discomfort (Teen)

Patient: Hello. I am a healthy 18 year old boy and had a recent concern. Suddenly for the past 2 days my throat has had a strange discomfort-like feeling to it sort of like there’s a popcorn kernel stuck behind my throat. Not really too much painful but feels almost like a sore throat. I have no other symptoms like coughing, runny nose, fever or anything like that. I even used a torch and saw that there’s actually a very small yellow pimple right beside my throat to the left side. I can see it easily. I want to know that should i just use iodized salt gargling for now, go to the doctor for medications..or what i should do. And will surgery or physical removal be really necessary as of right now, Thank you very much.



Symptoms: sore-throat like feeling, discomfort while swallowing.



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Doctor: The symptoms you have complained mostly suggest that you are having acute pharyngitis, nodular type though only one nod ule or lump is seen. Since you do not have other symptoms, it can be medically managed. You need to take antibiotics along with mouth gargles. It is advised to consult a physician first before starting with medication. Nothing to worry much as surgery is not required.

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