Throat problem for three years, Undiagnosed

Patient: This is comprehensive report on my long term throat problem.I’m male and 25 years old and for the past 3 years I have been suffering with a problem that has taken over my life. I always have a feeling of a sticky substance on my right side of my throat in the top right hand corner of my adams apple(just below where you find your pulse). When I swallow it down or attempt to cough it up it reappears. If I do bring some up it is usually a thick viscous cloudy milky white substance (higher viscosity than spit).When I breath out I can often hear and feel wheezing coming from the same area in my throat (not the chest). I continuously hear gurgling in my throat which sounds like air trying to escape like a burp but again comes from the same area in my throat. It feels as though air is trapped and I can literally feel it pushing its way out from the area in my throat upwards, drinking liquid such as water seems to make it worse. My girlfriend has commented on this and it can be quite loud. When I drink a fizzy drink I often burp up froth which again seems to come from the same area, I do not burp up food though. I often get a feeling of lump in my throat and have difficulty swallowing.Other symptoms I have developed which may or may not be affiliated with this problem include, constant tiredness and not being able to get up in the mornings (I never used to have trouble with this), my mind feels cloudy and I find it hard to concentrate or motivate myself to do so. I often feel hot and sweaty when other people say it is cold. My sex drive has lowered considerably.When I exercise this area will become irritated and will become very painful which makes breathing hard. The wheezing becomes very bad but still comes from the area mentioned before and not the chest. The area initially feels as though it has become red raw and inflamed, painful and swollen(Im not saying it has become red raw or swollen but it feels that way). Breathing becomes harder due to the same area developing a sharp pain when only half a breath has been taken and I start to cough, the feeling of a substance in the same area attributes towards my coughing. I become dizzy, light headed and my legs can become to feel weak and shaky.After time passes the area seems to become less inflamed but is still very painful, lots of coughing continues I feel generally ill. I get very dizzy and the wheezing becomes very bad to the point where I visited an out of hours GP the other day to get some advice as I was wheezing very badly. He said he could definitely hear wheezing and it could be asthma and gave me a blue ventolin inhaler to try to ease my wheezing. It did not really seem to help and he sent me on my way along with some steroid tablets and pain killers, panic and being so tired of this ailment may have been an attribute towards such a rash visit to the out of hours GP which I would normally never do.The next day after this happens I will almost certainly get ill with what seems like a chest and throat infection and I cough up green phlegm all pain and phlegm comes from the same throat area described before. This illness can spread out to my chest and become quite bad before eventually going after a few days and just the sticky substance remains described in the first paragraph and the cycle starts again.What has been done?I really do not think that it is asthma because the pain, the wheezing and thick substances all originate from the same area in my throat. I have been to a chest doctor who took blood tests for allergies, took chest xrays and put me on lansopazole in case of possible acid reflux causing the pain. I also had a methacoline challenge test which produced negligible results. Then after becoming increasingly tired of this problem I visited a private ear nose and throat doctor who was pretty rude. He put a camera down my throat and said it was all fine and continued to tell me that people often complain of such symptoms and nothing is ever found (very reassuring doctor, thank you very much for charging me a vast amount of money to tell me that). He proceeded to get me an appointment to have a throat xray which is in a few months. I am also waiting to see an NHS ear nose and throat doctor but the wait is extremely long.Can anybody help?Does anybody have any idea of what this might be, all I want to do is get fit and exercise without getting ill like I used to and not be the weird guy who is coughing and clearing his throat all the time. Could the other symptoms have anything to do with the problem I described? I am at the end of my tether and am getting poor help and uninterested responses from doctors and specialists.